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In-Depth Cholesterol Testing for Women

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We offer Health Diagnostic Labs In – depth cholesterol testing. This is much more advanced than the standard cholesterol measurements for LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) and HDL (the “good” cholesterol) from the old days. More recently a new series of cholesterol measurements have given us much more accurate information on risks for atherosclerosis and heart disease. These blood tests are run by Health Diagnostic Laboratory out of Boston, and they measure LDL particle numbers, LDL particle sizes, as well as hidden risks for diabetes and clotting disorders. This additional data gives us much better insight to determine if you are at high risk for development of plaque in the arteries, which could lead to heart attack or stroke.

There is also a test for “calcium score” in your heart arteries that measures the amount of calcium in arterial walls due to atherosclerosis. A very high calcium score for heart arteries means there is a high risk of heart attack. The calcium score for heart arteries helps determine a threat of heart attack in people that otherwise have no symptoms.

This in–depth cholesterol test also is better able to predict the risk of developing clinical diabetes long before your blood sugars may actually rise above normal. This allows you to make the proper diet and exercise modifications in your lifestyle to prevent the disease. Traditional blood tests look for pre-diabetes use the glycohemoglobin test, which just measures blood sugar. If you wait until the standard tests of blood sugar go up, it is already late, and the vascular problems have already begun to cause inflammation of arteries, plaque, and hypertension.

The Health Diagnostic Labs In-depth cholesterol testing offers a better way of finding pancreas insulin production problems (which is when diabetes actually begins). They run tests that look at pancreas function, insulin levels, and early vascular disease that starts as soon as pancreas problems begin. Since these new screening blood tests can detect early diabetes, Dr. White can steer her patients earlier to proper diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise.

Traditional cholesterol tests measure:

• Total cholesterol
• HDL “Good” cholesterol
• LDL-c “Bad” cholesterol
• Triglycerides

Health Diagnostic Labs In – depth cholesterol tests measure:

• Total cholesterol
• HDL “Good” cholesterol
• LDL-c “Bad” cholesterol
• Triglycerides
• Other residual cholesterol risk – HDL 2 and 3
• Other residual triglyceride risk – VLDL and IDL
• Hereditary risk – Lp(a)
• LDL particle size (large, buoyant, small, dense)
• LDL particle number

This in–depth level of testing allows Dr. White to be proactive in decreasing the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes rather than waiting for you to manifest the symptoms.

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