Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Frisco, TX

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Bioidentical hormones — hormones that are identical in molecular structure to the hormones women make in their bodies. They’re not found in this form in nature but are made, or synthesized, from natural sources (plant, animal or mineral). In the body, bioidentical hormones act just like the hormones we produce.

As women age, our bodies slow and eventually stop producing hormones. The side effects of declining hormones in our bodies include:

Weight gaindrawing of impact of menopause

Limited energy

Hair loss

Low sex drive


Mood swings


Poor concentration

Memory loss


Bio Identical hormone replacement pellets replace the depleted hormones we lose as we age. The time-release pellets deliver small, physiologic doses of hormones into the system to achieve consistent, healthy levels. The results are relief of hot flashes and night sweats, improved libido and sexual function, improvement in vaginal dryness, relief of migraines, relief of insomnia, improvement in mood changes, anxiety and irritability, decreased joint aches, improved bone density, sharper memory and ability to concentrate, and improved cardiovascular health.  Testosterone can also improve lean muscle mass and aid in weight loss or maintenance.

Each person that is eligible for bio hormone replacement therapy will be tested to see the strength and dose of hormones needed for their body. Once determined, the proper medication is made in time-release, pellet form.

Hormone Pellet Insertion is a Relatively Painless Procedure

The insertion of pellets is a simple, relatively painless procedure done under local anesthesia. The pellets, about the size of a grain of rice, are inserted in the buttocks through a small incision which is taped closed. The pellets will time-release steady levels of hormones over 3-5 months and eventually dissolve.

It is recommended that patients avoid vigorous exercise for 48 hours following insertion.  Complications are generally minor and can include bruising, bleeding, infection and extrusion of the pellets, however the risk of complications is rare.

Hormone levels are tested 4 weeks after pellet insertion and again 2 months later to determine the appropriate time to replace the pellets. After the first year, hormone level testing usually only needs to be done once or twice a year.

Patients receiving bio identical hormone replacement therapy should maintain annual physicals and breast exams and mammograms. Health changes will affect the level of hormones needed to maintain a healthy balance.

Side effects of bio hormone replacement therapy are mild and are usually resolved on their own. Side effects include breast tenderness, fluid retention, vaginal bleeding, increased hair growth and acne. If necessary, dosage adjustments can be made to minimize side effects.

Hormone replacement therapy has changed the lives of many women for the better. They report feeling “like themselves again.” If you’re experiencing the symptoms of hormone imbalance, please make an appointment to find out if bio hormone replacement therapy would be beneficial for you. Dr. White has been successfully performing this procedure for years and has seen first-hand the quality of life and health benefits it has given her patients.

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