Regenerative Cream

Through the use of non-embryonic umbilical cord serum found in Wharton’s Jelly, our
Regenerating Cream helps you heal, repair, renew, and replenish that which is damaged, as
well as relieve pain.

OneStem Lab’s proprietary blend of proteins, peptides, and growth factors will recruit new cells
to heal, firm, and replace old and damaged cells. OneStem Lab uses human, non-embryonic
umbilical cord serum because these are the most potent cells that are active early in life. Only
human cells are used due to their ability to communicate with other human cells, unlike plant-
based stem cell treatments. This cell-to-cell communication encourages nearby cells to recruit
new cells and repair damaged tissue. This cream is the result of years of study under some of
the world’s most prestigious scientists and doctors at some of the most renowned universities.

How Does it Work?

OneStem Lab’s FDA-certified lab has developed scientifically proprietary encapsulation
technology that delivers the serum necessary to regenerate tissue and recruit healthy cells, thus helping repair your damage. Using its powerful, atmospheric matrix, the cream penetrates into the tissue layers of the skin, transforming the tissues and improving the pain and inflammatory responses of damaged or compromised tissue. This cream is often used in conjunction with injections. However, it may also be used as a stand-alone treatment as well.

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