OneStem Lab Skincare

OneStem Lab Skincare

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OneStem Lab’s proprietary blend of proteins, peptides, and growth factors will recruit new cells to heal,
firm, and replace old and damaged cells. Your skin will have a smoother, fresher, brighter appearance
with regular use. OneStem Lab is the first and currently only skincare line to manufacture human cellular
reparative and regenerative luxury moisturizers in the U.S. exclusively for retail. This proprietary
face, eye and body cream are the result of years of study under some of the world’s most prestigious
scientists and doctors at some of the most renowned universities.

OneStem Lab Cell Technology

OneStem Lab’s skincare revolution began in 2009 when OneStem Lab’s founder and chief scientist, Juan
Arellano, Jr., discovered the dynamic impact of human umbilical cord cells (Wharton’s jelly serum) on
the skin. Wharton’s jelly is the stem cell-rich, gelatinous substance that provides insulation and
protection within the umbilical cord. Human non-embryonic cells are used because, unlike plant stem
cells, human cells have the ability to communicate with each other. This cell-to-cell communication will
not only regenerate damaged tissue but will also recruit neighboring cells to help. OneStem Lab uses
human, non-embryonic umbilical cord serum because these are the most potent cells that are active
early in life. Adult cells (often removed from the spinal column) are not as potent nor effective as those
obtained via this proprietary cell extract process.

OneStem Lab’s collagen-boosting serums regenerate and tighten the skin. This proprietary serum’s
firming proteins, peptides, and growth factors help smooth, repair and restore skin to its former beauty
and youthfulness resulting in skin that looks 5, 10 or even 15 years younger.

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