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Feminine contains selected vitamins, minerals and amino acids regarded as important to the ever-changing female body. This is achieved through such scientifically researched ingredients as magnesium and boron. Magnesium is important for regulating the flow of calcium between cells and is essential for adequate calcium uptake. An adequate supply of calcium can help the female body cope better with the days before menstruation. Boron is vital at reducing excretion of both calcium and magnesium. This in turn assists in maintaining healthy bones.

Feminine may:

  • Reduce estrogen and testosterone fluctuations that can lead to PMS symptoms
  • Help the female body to cope better with the days before menstruation
  • Increase calcium intake and reduce urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium
  • Help maintain healthy bones

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Remember: Not all supplements are created equal. Poorly formulated supplements may provide a false sense of security when it comes to true benefits.



Lovpil is a nutritional supplement formulated with vitamins, minerals, and herbs recognized as important for general health and sexual vitality in both women and men. Lovpil can enhance the natural Testosterone function in women for sexual health. Damiana, typically thought of as an aphrodisiac by those who are familiar with its effects, is an important ingredient utilized in Lovpil and is known for its stimulating properties on virility and libido. Two other key ingredients, arginine and vitamin C, are essential in maintaining healthy sperm counts and protecting sperm from oxidative DNA damage.

Lovpil may:

  • Support overall health and well-being
  • Improve sexual vitality and libido in both women and men

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